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Customer contact lists are extremely valuable and highly effective for driving more repeat business. Collecting email addresses and phone numbers is the first step towards building an ongoing relationship with your customers. Yelp WiFi makes it easy.

We needed a way to gather large amounts of contacts without the hassle. Instead of handing out hundreds of ballots a night, guests' emails are gathered seamlessly through the splash page.

Nav Sangha Owner Boots & Bourbon Saloon
Customer Splash Page

WiFi Login

Create a WiFi login splash page to match your brand, showcase your merchandise, or promote daily deals and upcoming events.


Create highly effective promotions using Yelp WiFi Campaigns. Use set-and-forget personalized email campaigns to reward loyalty and keep customers coming back.

I love the ability to run promotions with Yelp WiFi Campaigns. It’s a very intuitive process and for a small business owner there’s not a lot of work to put into it. It’s kind of immediate and you can just run it and see the results right away.

James Bateman Owner, Broncos Restaurant

Customer Loyalty

Reward customer loyalty by sending a “thank you” message the 10th time they walk in your door, or automatically reach out to customers you haven’t seen in a while to bring them back.


Yelp WiFi Insights tracks the number of customers in your business automatically, giving you insights about visit tendencies.

I’m really excited about the analytics. I’m hoping to open a lot more coffee shops and there’s something really cool to me about putting a node down and understanding the traffic in front of my store to help me decide where to open more.

Alan Gertner Owner, Tokyo Smoke

Join the Family

Join the Family

Join the best network of businesses and customers looking to connect with each other. With over 26 million monthly active mobile users, Yelp can help kick-start your marketing program.
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