Fun and Unique Ideas for a Successful Bar Trivia Night

Fun and Unique Ideas for a Successful Bar Trivia Night

Bar Trivia is a great way to bring a crowd to your business even on slower weeknights. We have already gone over what it takes to successfully organize and promote your event. Now that you have a couple under your belt, you need to keep it fresh with clever topics and themes. This will keep teams coming back every week while still attracting new groups.

Keep these ideas in mind when narrowing down the categories that will best connect with your clientele.

Know your Audience

The goal of every trivia night is for the participants to have fun. Keep that in mind when creating any bar trivia.

If your bar is frequented by young professionals, a “Decades Trivia” with rounds of questions about the “60’s” and “70’s” will lead to an unhappy crowd. If you are trying to cater towards a certain demographic such as millennials, make it a “90’s” quiz that tests knowledge across TV, movies, music, sports and video games. Of course, some bars attract a more diverse crowd. The goal could be to encourage teams bringing in different generations of players. If that is the case, then something like the decades model for music or television could be better suited for your event.

Be mindful of your most active participants at each event and build from there. By focusing on attracting the type of person that you are most likely to turn into loyal regulars you can be sure each week will be a success.

Examples: Decades Quiz, 21st-Century Sports, Netflix Specials, Pop Culture 101

Trending now topics

Every year some new pop culture phenomenon takes over the internet for seemingly weeks at a time. You can count on certain events happening well in advance to drum up some interest and prepare a quiz that makes the most of what is trending.

HBO’s Game of Thrones premiere is sure to generate a fever pitch among fans. The annual Oscar’s will have movie-buffs looking for a reason to talk The Shape of Water with fellow cinephiles. And if fans are crazy enough to dress up as Iron Man to the theater they might be willing to show off their knowledge at the bar when the next Avengers movie comes out.

Keep in mind that these niche topics target a specific audience. Embrace the fact that you are welcoming a like-minded community and make it conversational. If the themes are too specific and exclude a portion of your typical audience, try to sprinkle these in as topics instead of entire quiz themes. The odds are at least one person in a group can name the four houses in Hogwarts.

Examples: Game of Thrones Season Premier Trivia, The Annual Oscar’s Quiz, How well you know The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter Hogwarts Exam

Tech savvy staples

Just because your customers need to be tech-free during your bar trivia doesn’t mean you have to be. If you have what you need to play music, or better yet videos, why wouldn’t you? Practically all bars will have the necessary equipment to include at least audio related questions into the mix. These type of questions require a more attentive audience which keeps the group engaged.

Get creative! Use the most popular songs or scenes from movies and television and take out a lyric or the end of a famous line. Challenge the participants to fill in the blanks for points. Or keep it simple and just have the teams guess the song, artist, movie, or actor.

Your entire quiz does not need to take advantage of the audio/video set up your bar has. Sprinkling in a couple each round can keep your audience more engaged.

Examples: Finish the Song Lyric, Name the Song, Guess the Movie, Name that Actor, Television Theme Song Trivia

Using these tips, make your bar’s trivia night the most popular in town and pack the place with trivia enthusiasts each and every week.

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