22 Effective Restaurant Email Marketing Subject Lines

22 Effective Restaurant Email Marketing Subject Lines

Sometimes it’s tough to get the creative juices flowing, especially when it comes to writing subject lines for a restaurant email marketing program.

If you’ve hit a wall when it comes to new ideas, we’ve compiled 22 email subject lines that you can use as is or tweak to keep your restaurant marketing fresher than your catch of the day.


Sense of Urgency Email Subject Lines

No one wants to miss out on a great deal. This one is all about creating the fear of missing out (FOMO). These work great for offloading that excess inventory.

1. “This Weekend Only, Two Can Dine For 19.99!”
2. “Winter Is Coming and Our Summer Menu is Going…”


Unexpected Email Subject Lines

Sometimes in order to stand out in someone’s inbox, you need to catch them off guard. Throwing in something completely unexpected is a good tactic.

3. “Does Our Food Suck? Nah, I Didn’t Think So”
4. “Do you have plans for dinner? Would you like some?”


Contextual Email Subject Lines

Quite possibly the most effective type, tailoring the subject line to give recognition to the recipient or provide acknowledgment for taking some type of action will impress and flatter them.

5. “It’s Your 3rd Visit This Month, Impressive!”
6. “Our Way of Saying Thanks For Dining Last Night [Offer Enclosed]”

On the flip side, contextual subject lines and messages work great for getting customers who haven’t visited in a while back in the doors.


Why Email Subject Lines

Convince the recipient to take you up on your offer using 1-5 reasons.

7. “Why *|Restaurant_Name|*’s is the Best Birthday Dinner Spot in Town”
8. “3 Reasons Why You Need to Try Our New Menu Items”


Inspirational Email Subject Lines

This one’s tough to pull off but effective since it triggers the recipient’s emotional side.

9. “How our Green Practices Help Reduce Environmental Impact by 75%”
10. “We Spent 87,600 hrs Perfecting THIS Dish…”


Emoji Email Subject Lines

Adding emoji’s into your subject lines is a fun way of helping your emails stand out from the crowd.



Benefit Email Subject Line

Emphasizing benefits over features is a general rule of thumb for copywriting. What would you rather have, a fit body or a workout machine?

13. “Satisfy Your Hunger w/ All You Can Eat Pasta!”
14. “Save Time With Our Express Take Out Menu”


Personalized Email Subject Lines

Some people like the sound of their own voice and others like the sight of their own name, especially in email subject lines.

15. “Hey Vick, We Heard You Like Vegan Recipes…”
16. “Paulina, Where Have You Been?”


Seasonal Email Subject Lines

This one is a bit obvious but goes back to creating subject lines that are contextual. The word “holiday” resonates well with people resulting in good open rates, likely because discounts and deals are often associated with holiday-themed emails.

17. “Extended Happy Hour Starts Friday, ‘tis the Season!”
18. “Kick-off the Holidays with ½ Priced Appetizers [offer enclosed]”


How-To Email Subject Lines

The promise of revealing a secret piece of knowledge is too much to resist, plus the recipient knows that they’ll be rewarded instantly for opening your email.

19. “How to Have Your Cake and Eat it Too”
20. “How to Impress Your Dinner Date Without Breaking the Bank”


Question Email Subject Lines

This causes the reader to take an extra moment to comprehend what you’re asking, therefore giving your subject line more attention. Regardless of whether they think they know the answer or are curious to find out, these types of subject lines usually do well with respect to high open rates.

21. “Can You Guess How Many Flavours of Wings We Have?”
22. “What Beer Would You Pair These Foods With?…”

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