WiFi Marketing: How to Spark Ongoing Conversation

WiFi marketing is about getting the most out of your guest WiFi.

Most venues offer WiFi because they know 96% of customers prefer restaurants that have it. Customers tend to stay longer, come back more often, and spend more money as a result.

Yet, these benefits barely scratch the surface of what WiFi is truly capable of doing for your restaurant. They are the tip of a much larger, more profitable iceberg.


The Opportunity

WiFi creates a rare moment of opportunity when you have your customer’s full attention—a moment most restaurants fail to capitalize upon.

WiFi marketing seizes this opportunity to spark an ongoing conversation by prompting customers to enter their email, phone number, Facebook account, or Twitter handle, in exchange for immediate WiFi access.

A WiFi marketing platform, like Yelp WiFi, allows you to brand a custom login page prompting guests to sign-in instead of entering a password. This betters their user experience (because they don’t have to ask or look for a password) while seamlessly growing your contact list, which you can in turn use to deliver ongoing promotions, foster customer loyalty, and drive repeat visits.

traditional vs WiFi marketing method

This is why WiFi marketing is an obvious win-win. Customers can instantly start using WiFi and you can instantly start communicating with them.

When used effectively WiFi marketing can:

● Increase customer loyalty and drive repeat visits
● Grow a list of engaged contacts and automate marketing campaigns
● Boost social media presence and encourage more online reviews
● Gather valuable analytics about customer demographics and behaviors

WiFi marketing is about getting the most out of your guest WiFi—more loyal customers, more effective marketing messages, and ultimately, more revenue.


WiFi Marketing in Practice

Although WiFi marketing is still an emerging industry, many restaurants are already effectively using their WiFi to engage their customers and generate revenue. Subway Restaurants, Page One Café and Bar, and Tokyo Smoke are all examples of businesses who have used Yelp WiFi’s marketing platform to achieve their marketing objectives. Together these case studies show what’s possible when WiFi marketing is done right.

They’ve managed to:

● Grow contact lists faster than they thought possible
● Surprise and delight customers with real-time promotions
● Increase the visit frequency of their most loyal customers
● Turn at-risk customers into regulars again with triggered campaigns
● Promote events and special deals to their most engaged fans
● Gather valuable data on demographics and on-premises behaviors

With that said, WiFi marketing is still in its infancy. Innovative businesses are pioneering new tactics and techniques every day to leverage the power of WiFi marketing.

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